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5 things you didn’t know about J.K. Hogan and her books — Guest Post for Feed My Need…For a Good Read

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  1. Mountain Laurel Falls, the waterfall from Blood in the Valley was actually based on Hickory Nut Falls in Chimney Rock, NC. This waterfall was used to film the waterfall scene in Last of the Mohicans. It is one of my favorite NC waterfalls to visit, because the pool at the bottom is perfect for wading. I have a really high tolerance for swimming in cold water, so unless it’s basically snowing, I’ll be wading in that pool.
  2. Which leads me to the second thing… I’m not particularly daring when it comes to man-made things like bridges, platforms, or planes you jump out of. But when it comes to naturally occurring structures like rocks, waterfalls and ledges, I’m pretty much going to be all over it. Whenever my husband James and I go hiking, we always try and take each other’s picture in the most precarious position (like on the edge of afore mentioned waterfall) to scare his mother. *cough*sorry.
  3. My son shares a name with one of the characters from Fire on the Island. Mhairi MacKay was the heroine’s grandmother, and MacKay is one of my husband’s family’s clans. We used the Gaelic spelling for our son, so his name is Rowan MacAoidh. Try learning to spell that one in elementary school!
  4. I have a real addiction to animated gifs and memes. I don’t always do book reviews, but when I do, I usually use more gifs than words. Wow, that was a total Dos Equis moment. Happy accident! Believe it or not, it actually helps me with characterization because I’m studying how expressions can convey reactions. Anyway, I’ve been known to even tweet gifs to folks when I have a reaction that just needs to be seen. Consider yourself special if you get one from me. I just coined the term ‘gifmeister’, patent pending of course.
  5. I’ve changed careers more than anyone I’ve ever met, I think, considering my age. I’m thirty-one and I’ve been an office manager, a bank teller, a horseback riding trail guide, a stable manager at two different stables, a vet tech and then a surgery vet tech, a graphic designer, and now I am a writer/stay at home mom. That made me tired just typing it. Believe it or not, I was actually at most of those jobs for at least 2 years…I just started to work at a young age and took a while to ‘find myself.’ But now here I am!

I hope you enjoyed  your trip onto the mother ship with me, and I wish you a safe journey back home. Don’t forget to pick up your copy of Blood in the Valley, available now!

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