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Hello, darlings. I know it’s been a long, long time since I’ve written a real blog post but I have some good excuses reasons for that! It’s been a mighty crazy year already. First, I had a baby. Hadn’t you heard?
Rowan MacAoidh was born on January 8th of this year. While he takes up a lot of my time, I can’t blame everything on him because he’s been a really good baby. He’s been sleeping through the night for the most part since 6 weeks.

I know, you’re probably thinking what the hell kind of middle name is that? I’ll tell you! Some of you may know that my husband’s maternal grandparents were Scottish immigrants. They came over from the Isle of Arran, the setting for Fire on the Island. One of the clans that they are related to is the MacKay clan (also Isla’s grandmother’s last name). MacAoidh is the Gaelic spelling of MacKay, so we decided that would be a good middle name for Rowan. Anywho, there ya go.

Pregancy was kind of rough on me, basically because I’m a big wuss, so I ended up quitting my day job. Now I find myself as a stay at home mom for the time being. So you must be thinking I have all kinds of time to write, and tweet, and facebook, right? WRONG! Rowan says: No. He’s kind of clingy. But that’s okay. We’re getting into a rhythm now, and I’m getting back to writing, slowly but surely.

I have to say I’m enjoying being a full time writer (when I’m not being a slave to my son). The romance community is so much fun, and there are so many wonderful people that I’ve gotten to know recently. To name a few: book blogger Kat from The Book Tart; the crew at LGBT blog Coffee & Porn in the Morning (don’t judge us, we like hot boys and coffee); m/m romance author Cardeno C., twitter buddy and fellow caffeine addict; Lillie from RR@H novel thoughts; m/m romance author T.A. Webb, and so many more. ♥ all you guys.

In other news, it’s almost May!! Blood in the Valley, the second book in the Vigilati series is coming out May 2nd. Come join me while I squee!

I think y’all are going to love it. It’s darker and full of action and suspense, and I’m so excited to share it with everyone. Meanwhile I’m plugging away at book 3, whenever Sonny Boy will let me.

Oh, yeah. On top of all of this, the hubs and I are trying to sell our house. Since we live on a farm with some acreage, we have to find a very specific type of buyer. So this involves a lot of cleaning, packing up baby and dogs, getting out, coming back, waiting, and more waiting. It’s nerve racking for anyone, but for someone like me, with mild OCD, it kind of makes my skin crawl.

But we really need a house big enough for the kidlet and all of the inevitable relatives that want to come and visit. So yeah, that’s life these days in a nutshell. I’m sure you’ll forgive me for being a bad, bad blogger.

We’re getting close to 500 followers on twitter & facebook. I’ll probably be doing another give away when we hit that mark! Maybe I can even talk the powers that be into an ARC giveaway of Blood in the Valley. We shall see. As always, I love to hear from readers, bloggers, and fellow authors. You know where to find me! Until next time….I leave you with sexy Tom Hardy.

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