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A Day in the Life – Guest Post for Lizzy’s Dark Fiction

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Oh, how things have changed in the last few months. I’ve not yet had the opportunity to ‘live the dream’ which would be endless time to write with no outside obligations like pesky day jobs. During the time I was writing both Fire on the Island and Blood in the Valley, I was a graphic designer by trade. I’ve always been the artsy type, and that was the most practical application for my talents.

These days, I find myself as something I never thought I’d be: a stay at home mom. So my day of writing consists of fighting for time in between the demands of my four-month-old son, Rowan. He gets awfully jealous of the laptop when it gets more time than him.

So my day of writing starts off with coffee—lots and lots of coffee. I do most of my storybuilding in my head, so that happens on car trips (when the kidlet is blissfully sleeping), in the shower, and unfortunately, at night when I’m trying to fall asleep. That is when the ideas come. There’s a lovely little Starbucks about 15 minutes from my farm that has the most amazing drive thru—the only one around. The drive puts the kidlet to sleep, and I get coffee and time to “write”. It’s a win-win!

The physical writing happens sporadically in between bottles and during naps, and often between the time that I go to bed (super early because I have a living alarm clock that never changes!) and the time that I actually fall asleep. Being an insomniac can be both a blessing and a curse!

The moral of the story is that I would be making up stories whether I was publishing books or not, so I squeeze the writing into my life wherever I can!

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