Texas Book Nook Reviews Blood in the Valley

Here’s what Texas Book Nook had to say about Blood in the Valley: “My favorite part of this book would have to be Dr. Drew. I really thought he was such a great male lead. Swoonworthy and smart to boot!” “I liked the journey both […]

Proserpine Craving Books reviews Blood in the Valley

Proserpine Craving Books gave Blood in the Valley a 5 out of 5! “J.K. Hogan returned with this sequel and I was plunged again in a thrilling new ride about the Vigilati, the Feradux, the Lochrim…” “Raven is a kick-ass character and even if her […]

Spank You Silly Reviews Blood in the Valley

Spank You Silly did a fun review for Blood in the Valley: “As an avid reader it was refreshing to read about an aspect of the paranormal genre that wasn’t a regurgitation of what’s already been done by someone else. Hogan did not rely on what is […]

Thursday Things: A New Project

I’ve just signed on as a guest reviewer for Reviews by Jessewave and I’m super excited about it! I read several books a week as it is, so I may as well review them. Reviews by Jessewave exclusively reviews m/m fiction, one of my favorite categories. […]

Pick My Hair!

Pick My Hair! I’m going to get some crazy color in my hair (I did a subtle purple before but I want something bolder) and I’d like some help picking it out. It would still have to be over 50% blond, but I’m willing to […]

WIP Wednesday 2

Here’s another random snippet from my current work in progress, Vigilati, Book 3. Disclaimer: These lines are from an unedited, unrevised manuscript and may not appear in their entirety in the final product. Matthieu had no clue if he was in Baghdad, Kandahar, or the […]

Monday Musings (Memorial Day Edition): The Self-Publishing Stigma

I apologize in advance for assigning campy names for my weekly memes. What can I say, I crumbled under peer pressure. Everyone does it… So that brings us to my Monday Musings topic: The self-publishing stigma. Self-publishing has increased dramatically over the last couple of […]

Review: Until Forever Comes by Cardeno C.

Title: Until Forever Comes Author: Cardeno C. Publisher: Dreamspinner Press Genre: M/M paranormal Buy Link Goodreads Rating: 5 Stars Disclaimer: This review is for entertainment purposes only. I rarely review books I didn’t love. So I’ve been waiting for this book for a while now. […]

WIP Wednesday

I’m trying a new Wednesday meme called WIP Wednesday. I’m going to randomly pick a page from my WIP (in this case, Book 3 of the Vigilati Series) by scrolling on my kindle. I’ll find a few lines to share from that page. Disclaimer: These […]

Release Day: An interview with Cardeno C.

I’ve decided to open up my blog to author spotlights and maybe a few reviews here and there because, let’s face it, I’m not really that interesting. 😉 M/M Romance author Cardeno C. has agreed to be my guinea pig. I said recently that everyone […]