Cover Shoot News

Cover Shoot News

Hey everybody! So that photo shoot I’ve been teasing about for a couple of weeks happened today. I haven’t seen the final results yet, it will probably be a few days, but I know it’s going to be great. If you know me (or probably if you don’t) you might know that I’m kind of a cover snob. There’s no one I’m harder on that myself, though. The book cover world, especially in m/m, has become kind of incestuous, the same few stock models being passed around from book to book. Not that these aren’t attractive guys, I’m just sick of seeing them! When I got the idea in my head to have custom images made, I couldn’t give it up.

I want to introduce you to the two important people who are making this happen for me:

My model’s name is Joshua Anthony Brand. I had used a photo from his portfolio that I found on a google search as picspiration for one of my characters (actually two, because the main character and one of the murder victims look a lot alike). When I started planning the cover, I figured, why not track this guy down and ask him if he’d like to be on my cover. Lucky for me, he said yes! The hard part? I live here (NC, USA) and he lives in Leeds, Yorkshire (UK) while attending university. But we managed to figure it out. You can find him on twitter, instagram, facebook, and tumblr (NSFW 18+). As you can see, he’s gorgeous, and he’s gonna be everywhere someday! If you check out his portfolio, you’ll be able to tell, as I could, that he has the ability to transform in front of the camera–from very handsome regular guy, to stunning model at a photo shoot. It’s really quite a skill. As Tyra would say, he knows how to ‘work his angles and find his light.’ LOL

Of course, I had to find a photographer who lived in Leeds as well, so that it would be doable for Joshua. After lots of research and portfolio viewing, I found Simon Murray. His portfolio is full of great model shots, with similar lighting and style to what I was going for. A few emails later, I had myself a photographer and I’m confident he knew exactly what I wanted. I could tell from our conversations that Simon is not just taking pictures, he’s making art. I cannot wait to see what he’s done. Plus, he’s a Scotsman, so bonus points. 😉 You can also find Simon on facebook.

So that’s what’s going on! When I have the pics, I’ll share a few that aren’t going to be ‘THE ONE’, but you’ll have to wait until the cover reveal to see the final design. It’s funny, all this photo shoot stuff is making me feel like I’m somebody. LOL

Sorry, had to. I’m really not. I’m just very determined.

Anyone want to check out a couple of test pics from the shoot? These are from Joshua’s phone, so nothing fancy, you can just tell I’m not making it up! LOL

image2 image1

Love it, love it. Have I mentioned I can’t wait to see the final results? Well, until next time folks. Stay tuned for updates on facebook and twitter, links at the top right. Thanks!


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