Creatures Webcomic – Cover

Creatures Webcomic – Cover

Hey all! Some of you know by now I’ve been working on a little webcomic series as a companion to my books (featuring scenes from the books and maybe eventually new content). I’ve gotten back into hand drawing lately, and this was just something to do since drawing relaxes me. I’m still new at this so my techniques are nowhere near perfect yet, but it’s just a fun little bonus for people to look at. The first strip is called “Creatures” and those of you who have read I Survived Seattle may know which scene this will be. 🙂 Today I’m revealing the cover, obviously featuring Nic and Justice, and I’ll unveil a new page every couple of days until the strip is finished. Then I’ll have to take a break to draw the next one. If anyone has any ideas of what they’d like to see drawn, definitely leave comments! This strip is SFW but it does contain m/m content, so if that offends you then you would’ve probably left my website long before you go there. 😉

Without further ado, I give you the “Creatures” cover:


LOL Nic looks a bit spaced out, but Justice looks embarrassed which is pretty much in character. 😛  You’ll be relieved (or disappointed) to know that they do have clothes on in the actual strip. Let me know what you think!

Let me know what you think!

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