Editing: In which I bury my head in the sand…

So I am entrenched in the final edits for Blood in the Valley. This is probably the least painful round of editing, but that’s sort of like saying something is the “least painful” method of blood-letting. It’s never good…it’s just less bad than…the other stuff.

Anyway, so here I am on the blog, procrastinating. I gave myself the weekend off because a)I was alone for the weekend with my almost 7-week-old and b)I have to do this in small doses so that I don’t get frustrated with myself. When I come upon a section that I know will require some final changes, I have to step away for a little while and get some distance. I think I get through it faster doing it that way than if I were to try and power through.

The time has come to dig back in, as soon as the boy settles down. Maybe after I get a chunk done, I’ll write a much more fun blog post. Until then, wish me luck and happy reading!

Let me know what you think!

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