GRL Quick Post #4

GRL Quick Post #4

Still having a blast here! The opening reception was kind of meh (but I still love all the organizers, don’t hate me) but we managed to gather around our table and have our own shenanigans.

Juke Joint with Charlie Harding’s boys was hilarious and sexy fun. I got to meet my favorite tumblr blogger, flamedevil, and everyone got a little out of their comfort zone. Well…Damon was pretty well in his comfort zone. 😉

This morning, I slept in, and then attended a q&a with AKM Miles, Laura Harner, and Kiernan Kelly. It was one of the lower attended panels, but I loved hearing what these ladies had to say. AKM is adorable and hilarious. I was to pick Laura’s brain about being both an m/f, m/m, and ménage author. Since I’m working on an m/m and have only published m/f so far, I loved heading her insight.

Dinner with an author tonight!

Let me know what you think!

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