Help me pick a cover photo! (Poll)

Help me pick a cover photo! (Poll)

LOL, yeah, I just added that featured image to get you in here. 😉 Probably not using a shirtless one for the cover this time around, but it is a series, so you never know!

Okay, guys, if you’ve been keeping up with my news, you know I had a cover shoot a little while ago for my upcoming novel Shadows Fall, with model Joshua Anthony Brand. It’s been so fun sorting through the photos and trying to figure out which to use. Therein lies the problem! I’ve picked a background image that I love, so I’ve narrowed it down to needing a mostly full-body shot (knees up) in which the model is making eye contact–I love the slight discomfort of a cover model staring at you, especially for a thriller. Remember, he’s just portraying a regular guy, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be the one that makes him look the sexiest. Although it doesn’t hurt of course. 😉

I’ve got so many awesome photos, and some of the closeups I’ll be using for promotional graphics. I’ve selected 10 or so that fit the criteria of what I want for the cover so I want to get some opinions on what you like best! These are raw, untouched photos (not that Josh needs much retouching), so once I pick one I’ll be working my photoshop magic on it. I’m going to show all the photos below and they’ll be numbered. They’re all very similar poses, just slightly different lighting, facial expression and posture, so choose carefully. Just cast your vote in the poll underneath the slideshow and I’ll reveal the winner when I reveal the cover.

Just click on any thumbnail and will bring up a slideshow! **All images © J.K. Hogan 2014 — Please do not copy, alter, or redistribute** Thanks!!

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