In which there will probably be sleep deprived rambling….

Good early morning/middle of the night, darlings! Those of you who know me, or have been following me for awhile, may know that I am a fairly incurable insomniac. I’ve tried supplements, all of which either fail, work for a time and then fail, or have the complete opposite effect. Like, once, I was given hydrocodone for some injury or another, and rather than making me drowsy, it made me so wired it was like I had just drunk eighteen cups of coffee. It’s my cross to bear, I guess.

I also was on Ambien for a time. That would work once I got to sleep, but the problem was that I wouldn’t go to sleep. I’d go on facebook, and say a lot of batshit crazy things that I didn’t remember the next day. So once my doctor’s office started trying to extort me for $30 copays every couple of months in exchange for Ambien, I gave up on it too. Only thing that truly works is good old fashioned whisky (and it bugs the crap out of me that my computer is trying to tell me that WHISKY is spelled wrong when that is actually the correct spelling!)… But I digress.

I’ve been working hard on my WIP the last few days. My finished book is queued up for editing, so no work is needed on that right now. So I get to play with my new characters. Blood In The Valley is very different from Fire On The Island, although it is the sequel. It’s got more of an alt rock soundtrack. BitV is a lot darker and more raw, emotionally. The three main characters have all been very badly damaged both physically and mentally in their pasts, so things don’t fall into place as easily for them. Did I say three main characters? Yes. Because the heroine’s father is a very important character in the story as well. He’s also somewhat patterned after a dear friend of mine who we lost to cancer several years ago. It’s fun to put all of my friend’s quirky traits into a character. It makes the story a bit more real. 🙂

Oh, the ramblings of insomnia. I’m going to add a new tag. Keep coming back to click on the insomnia tag for more fun stuff like this later on. Anyway, I might actually be able to get everyone to quiet down long enough for me to get some sleep. (still not schizophrenic!) Until next time…

Let me know what you think!

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