Latest News!

Latest News!

As usual, I’ve been a very bad blogger lately, but I’ve been super busy doing all kinds of other cool stuff. I’ve done a complete rebranding, so you’ll notice the website has a sleek new look. I’ve also been hard at work designing some cool swag for GRL–only two months to go!! Guys, this will be my first time going to a con as an other and I’m SO terrified EXCITED! GRL is the place to be if you love LGBTQ romance! If you’re there, come check me out at the supporting author signing, or you’ll probably be able to find me off and on at the Wilde City table at the big signing. Can’t wait to see everyone again!


The sequel to I Survived Seattle, Love And The Real Boy is going to be released September 17th, just in time for GRL! You’ll get to find out what makes Rich such a jerk, and if he gets ‘fixed.’ It also checks in with Justice, Nic, Rory and the gang.

I’ve got a third book in the Coming About series planned (I’m sure you can guess who’s featured in it), but in the meantime, I’m working on a (slightly)paranormal romantic thriller set in my home city. It’s been exciting working where I live–so to speak–and I’ve really enjoyed all the research I’ve been doing for this project.

On the home from things have been crazy too. The kiddo is entering the ‘terrible twos’ even though he’s only nineteen months. He’s repeating words at an alarming amazing rate, and he throws a lot of flash tantrums. But he’s so much fun and incredibly cute, so I think I won the kid lottery.

Well, I think that’s all for now. As always, I appreciate your readership and interest in my work. Have a great day!


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