Monday Musings: I Got Nothin’

Yeah, it’s been one of those days that’s probably going to start off one of those weeks. I tried really hard to come up with an interesting topic for you guys to ponder, but I got nothin’. So I guess I’ll just do like a regular blog, and tell you what’s up in my life!

I’m so, so close to being done with book 3 in the Vigilati series. This third book will be quite different than the first two, so I’ve decided to enlist the help of a beta reader. Just want to make sure my crazy isn’t showing too bad. For what it’s worth, I think you guys will love it.

There are new changes on the horizon on the publishing front. I can’t say what they are just yet, but it presents a terrifyingexciting new opportunity. All will be revealed soon. 😉

I just finished my first official book for review. You can see my review tomorrow at and later on here. Hopefully I did it justice. I know between being a full-time mom to an infant, and being an author, I must be crazy for wanting to do something else, but I love to read. Also, because I’m an author and a reader, I understand the importance of reviews. That can be the moral of today’s Monday Musings! Huzzah! If you read a book that you loved, liked, or even merely didn’t hate, rate it and write a review. That’s how writers find new readers, and how readers find new books. Until next time, ladies and gentlenerds.

Let me know what you think!

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