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  • How can you choose between a paperback or an ebook? Asking this question is like asking me to choose between my dog and my cat. I love them both dearly but I enjoy them both during different times of the day. My dog (ebook) gets to go out in public with me because no one messes with me when I have a pit (an eroticly covered book). My cat (paperback) curls up on the couch with me and is always ready to cuddle. My dog wants me for a few minutes at a time (I can pull the kindle out to read whenever I have a moment to spare) but my cat is in it for the long run (because really, can you put a good paperback down as easily as an ebook???).

    • Yes, it’s definitely hard to choose. I had the choice made for me, unfortunately. My book collecting was getting out of control, both financially and spatially. So my husband said ‘get a kindle.’ I can’t say I miss having to carry around 4 or 5 paperbacks in my bag when I travel, because I read so fast.

  • My favorite hero is the nerdy one. Let’s face it. If a guy can solve a problem, it’s nice. But if a guy can solve the problem (be it making me fall in love, saving the world, grabbing the last chocolate bar during a famine when I’m PMSing, etc.) and explain in technical jargon why he did it the way he did, it’s sexy. I’ll swoon.

    • Great answer! I love a nerdy hero as well. Partially because I’m married to one. 😉 You’ll like both of my guys then. Book 3 is the only one that doesn’t have a nerdy hero.

      • I’ve got one too. Granted, my eyes glaze over sometimes when he’s exposing something but jeez it’s sexy that he can do it.

        Your books sound good, I checked them out last night. So glad I saw the sponsored post on Facebook. I’ll probably end up buying them to review on my blog as soon as I get the money to spare so I can get them all at once. Nothing I hate more than buying one at a time for a good series.

  • It’s hard to choose, but I really love the whole ‘I have a book in my hand and I love it’ there’s nothing like being able to hold the book too. 🙂 awesome giveaway!

  • Paperback vs eBook? Both have their usefulness, but I prefer paperback. Call me old-fashion, but I like having the actual, physical book in hand 🙂

    I love an alpha hero; someone who takes charge, slightly over-protective, dominating <3

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • i have a difficult “relationship” between the Alpha bad boy and the Sensitive hero. In most books i jump back and forth between which one i think the girl should end up with.

  • I have e readers and books. I prefer paperback/hardcover books over my kindle or iPad. I love holding the book, looking at them on my shelves. I’m a total bibliophile lol. But I also love having an e reader for those books and authors who don’t have paperbacks or for the fact that I can instantly have my book once I order it.

  • Alpha for sure, being a nerdy Alpha is definitely a bonus. Alpha males are just more appealing. A strong, dominate man who knows what he wants and does what it takes to get it, is sexy as hell.
    Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  • I love an alpha hero. There’s nothing sexier than a confident, sexy, protective hero who knows what he wants and get it.

  • Usually paperback, since I don’t have a portable ebook device. If I had a kindle or something similar I’m sure I would like ebooks better. I like the ebooks on my computer and wish I could take them with me on the go!

  • Either is fine…Ebooks great on the go…Paperbacks awesome to curl up with.
    I prefer a wounded hero because they are always trying to overcome something which makes the story better.

  • I prefer paperbacks because I just like having the paper book in my hands. I enjoy the feel of the book in my hands and I like the action of turning the page. Plus, for some reason, technology and I don’t mix. Something is always going wrong with my laptop or tablet and I’m paranoid/worried about them not working and thus not being able to read my ebooks on my Kindle or Nook apps.

    As for the type of hero I like, preferably I would like a mix of those traits. But I’m pulled toward those alpha heroes with a protective and passionate streak. ^_^

  • I used to wonder why anyone would want to read on an e-reader, I bought paperbacks religiously, loved perusing the shelves of the local bookstores and libraries, then I got an iPad, downloaded the Kindle app and now I read eBooks all the time! It’s perfect to travel with and you always have a book with you if you have a smart phone app which is the best in a waiting room…
    I still prefer my favorite books as paperbacks though…so I guess for me, it depends on the book:-) Thanks for the giveaway and great writing!

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