New Review: Love Bytes

New Review: Love Bytes
Five Hearts for Unbreak Broken from Love Bytes

I don’t know where to start with this book. There’s just so much that I could talk about, so many things I could focus on. It’s not that the book is jam packed with events and drama, but that the story and the characters have so many layers to discover, uncover, and appreciate.

Readers of this series will already be familiar with Rory, his wedding to Maia was the event that brought together the main characters in the first book and kicked off this Seattle based series. Even though Maia seemed like a wonderful girl, and Rory appeared to be perfectly happy, there was something about Rory that made me hope that he would be getting his own book. In book #2 we were teased with the fact that Rory’s marriage might not be going so well, and now here we are at the third book in the series, where we find Rory separating from his wife and discovering that he might not be as straight as he assumed.

Both Rory and Bennett are complex and interesting characters and we have the story told through both points of view. Both men have their own story and initially, the only link between them is Addison, Bennett’s teenage daughter, who is Rory’s favourite photography student. Next they discover they have friends in common, until the two men find their lives entwined, and they become friends. And Rory needs a friend as his life begins to unravel and he can no longer pull off his happy, easy going façade.

There’s no rush to get these characters into a relationship. This is a longer than average book, and the characters don’t really get together till about half way through the story. Which I thought was absolutely the right way to go. More…

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