Hey guys! Welcome to the holiday issue of Pajama Party! I hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving with not too much family drama. Or for our non-American friends, I hope y’all had a good week! We spent some time at the coast with my side of the family. The boys got to play on the beach, and I got a little much-needed coffee shop time!

I’ve got a great issue for y’all this month! Check out the huge extended book rec list with a whole section of holiday stories from Nerd Herd authors. Plus some new releases, sales, and my recs for the month. I’ve added a life hack section, flash fic corner is back, and you can check out my new book trailer for STRAY!

Trigger Warning: Sex

Okay, I admit it. That was a total clickbait title, but it’s a good lead-in to what I want to talk about in my main article: sex in romance.

There are a lot of different opinions that tend to circulate around the issue. Some authors write sex, some write fade-to-black. Some people think that too much sex in romance blurs the lines between romance and erotica, and between erotica and porn. All of those opinions are valid, and sometimes deeply personal, and I love that there’s something for everyone in the genre of romance. Here’s MY opinion (i.e. why I write what I do):

The driving forces of my writing are relationships and love, whatever form they may take. The reason I write sex in my books is because the decision to have sex (or to not have sex, because Ace relationships shouldn’t be discounted), and the nature of the sex, is an integral part of the growth, maturation, and maintenance of a romantic relationship. Every couple reaches that level on a different path, and it manifests differently for everyone, and that is one of the things I LOVE exploring as an author. Other authors may like focusing on other things, and that’s what makes the diversity of romantic stories so amazing.

While sometimes it may seem like our culture might be oversexualized, in fact I think we still have a pretty puritanical view of sex as a society–though I can really only speak for the US–and it’s often seen as something shameful. I write sex proudly and enthusiastically, and give the virtual middle finger to people and institutions outside the genre who think the inclusion of sex cheapens the craft.

That’s not to say I didn’t cringe like a mofo when I found out my grandma was reading my books. (My m/f series, because she is of a certain generation after all). But I was still PROUD.

M/M Romance Nerd Herd Holiday Stories


Dec 1


From the Heart

by Bru Baker

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Giving Chances

by Tanya Chris


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Winter Lights

in Loveland

by K-lee Klein

Coming Soon!


by J.R. Barten


Dec 17

Made in

New York

by Ana Newfolk

Coming Soon!

Finally Home 1


by K-lee Klein

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What’s New: STRAY

I’m on Patreon now! Don’t worry, I’m still doing my regular books, but now I have a Patreon exclusive m/m online serial about shifters and vampires and all things supernatural. Check it out if you dare!

Below is the brand shiny new trailer for STRAY. I hope you enjoy!


Monthly Life Hack

Ever run out of coffee creamer but hate using heavy milk in your coffee? You can easily froth milk right in your microwave to make a nice faux-latté to wake you up in the morning.

All you have to do is make your coffee as usual, and doctor it how you normally do minus cream. (I do 3 TSP of real sugar) Pour your desired amount of milk into a glass jar, put the cap on, and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE until you’re satisfied with the amount of foam. Microwave for about 30 secs but **keep an eye on it for overflow**.

I like to block the foam with the spoon first, to mix the warm milk with the coffee, then pour/spoon the froth on top! *For even more of a latté taste, use an espresso roast to make your pot of coffee!






Flash Fic Corner

Hey guys! I’ve got another flash fic for you! Between being sick, holiday stuff, and trying and failing NaNo, I didn’t get much flash written, so this is a holiday short from a previous year. You can also download the PDF.

The Gift (Frost #0.5)

A holiday short by J.K. Hogan


My Dinah was never supposed to have been bred. Joint problems due to a childhood case of physitis and her chronic anemia would’ve made it risky to carry a foal to term. Yet there I was, on a dark and stormy night even, walking out to the barn to check on my pregnant mare.

Dinah had been a gift from my brother, and she was the only thing I had left of him. I’d be damned if I was going to lose her just because some idiot boarder had forgotten to latch her stallion’s stall. Said stallion had impregnated three mares that night, my precious Arabian among them. I’d calmly asked the boarder to vacate the premises a week later.

Exiting from the side door of The Manor, the primary residence at Twisted Oak Ranch, I started down the long, winding path downhill to the main barn. Rain pelted me from all sides, somehow sneaking underneath my raingear in places and chilling through my skin, right down to my bones. A loud clap of thunder made me jump, and it was immediately followed by a brief but intense spark of lightning, eerily illuminating the world as if the sun had risen and set in the span of a second.

I guess I should’ve considered myself lucky it wasn’t snowing.

Another boom, another flash accompanied by a deafening crack that stopped me in my tracks. An ominous creaking sound rent the air, and then my world filled with the noises of splintering would and screaming horses. I picked up speed, tearing down the hill at a break-neck pace, my galoshes slipping and sliding in the mud.

Lightning blazed across the sky.

Hooves pounded.

Somebody was loose.

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Finding Extraordinary Magic in Everyday Love

J.K. Hogan is an author of m/m romance. She’s also a wife, mother, drinker of fine scotch, and nasty woman.

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