Hey guys, J.K. here. Welcome to the inaugural edition of my newsletter! I’m calling it my pajama party because I’m a work-at-home mom and if you stop by my house, I’m going to be in my PJs.

If you’re receiving this, it’s because you signed up at my table either at GRL 2017 or 2016 (Yes it took me a year, LOL), or have subscribed. No matter how you got here, welcome! Don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with emails, I’m just going to try to pack in a lot of fun stuff into each issue.

I’m just back from GRL, which was super fun as usual, although I can’t party like I used to! The highlight for me was participating in a storyteller panel with Sloane Kennedy and J.R. Barten called In the Shadows: Mental Illness & Trauma in Romance. The response was overwhelmingly positive. I took a video (badly, probably) of the panel, which I’ll post below. I hope you enjoy, as it’s a topic that’s very close to my heart.


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I’m on Patreon now! Don’t worry, I’m still doing my regular books, but now I have a Patreon exclusive m/m online serial about shifters and vampires and all things supernatural. Check it out if you dare!


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Monthly flash fic? I’ll try! I started this one for the Boy Meets Boy anniversary celebration but it ended up being too long, so I did another one and saved this one for here! This is the picture prompt:

The Perfect Burn

© 2017 J.K. Hogan

The needle was a perfect burn, a lick of fire along my damaged skin. The scars were extra sensitive, but I needed the pain. The pain gave me permission to live after all I’d done. The buzzing of the machine was a comfort, a relaxing sound like rain on a tin roof.

Gabriel, my tattoo artist, went about his work with a gentleness and precision that belied his size. He was a big man, and looked the least like a tattoo artist of anyone I’d ever met. He was bulky—he’d played football in college and hadn’t ever quite shaken the frat-boy-athlete look—but he wore a polo to work, for fuck’s sake. The most unusual thing about him was that he had no visible tats. But anyone was friends with him knew he had a giant backpiece that was a map of Middle Earth and illustrations from the Tolkien universe. What a nerd. ​

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Boy Meets Boy Reviews is turning 4 in November! They’ll be doing all kinds of fun giveaways, flash fic, and guest posts all month! I’ll be on there November 12th with an exclusive flash fic and giveawayso don’t forget to stop by, and keep checking back for more chances to win free stuff!


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