On The Eve of Release Day…

OMG, y’all it’s finally almost here!

The second book in my Vigilati Series comes out tomorrow!There’s nothing quite like a release day. Am I nervous, you ask? Oh yeah, totallyNope. Not at all.

Sigh. Sam’s dimples. Wait, what? Oh yeah, release day. I’m not going to bombard you with a bunch of blurbs and links that you can already find all over my site. I’m just going to remind everyone that there is one more day to enter my Release Day Giveaway where you can win an ebook copy of both books in the series.

Also, anyone who wants to stop by the VIRTUAL Release party on FB, you can click here. Again, it’s a virtual party. You don’t actually have to go anywhere.

Just pop in and say hi…I’ll love you forever.

Seriously, I hope you all like Blood in the Valley. I’m pretty proud of it, but it’s the readers that matter. Carry on being buckets of awesome.

Let me know what you think!

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