On The Novel Approach – Talking about Writing Anxiety

On The Novel Approach – Talking about Writing Anxiety

I_Survived_Seattle_Ebook_WebHi folks! Today I’m over at The Novel Approach Reviews for the GRL countdown celebration. I’m talking all about writing characters with anxiety. Here’s a snippet, but you’ll have to head on over to The Novel Approach to check out the rest!

It was kind of fun to describe Justice’s mild OCD quirks, like his eating habits and his need to arrange things. It was a bit like poking fun of myself—but I’m always the first one to do that! I know I’m weird, I embrace it. The best thing about writing a character with anxiety has been all of the readers who have reached out to me, saying they also suffer from anxiety so they completely understood Justice’s character. And maybe those who don’t have anxiety who read my book will gain a bit of understanding of the shy folks in the room!


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  • Great article! It’s important to see what it is like to have anxiety and creating a relatable character for readers is sometimes tricky. It must be wonderful to see how your character related so many readers. What was it like using your own experiences to create the characters?

    • I find it helpful to use some of my own experiences because it gives the story a sense of reality, and it’s also cathartic for me in a way.

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