Praise for Boys Don’t Cry

Praise for Boys Don’t Cry

Hi all! I’m so excited by the feedback I’ve received for Boys Don’t Cry. This story was so much fun to write and is so close to my heart, so it makes me so happy to see people enjoy it. Here’s what a few people are saying:


“I absolutely loved this book. I love, love, loved it.. I can also honestly say, that, I don’t think I’ve come across a book, in a long time, if not ever, that could be compared to Boys Don’t Cry. I adored Mackenzie and Laurent. And, quite frankly, still do..*blushing* I’ve been struggling for days to try to come up with the most perfect way to accurately describe what has been running through my mind regarding this special book. The only thing that I can come up with is..I LOVED this book.” ~ Laura, an Amazon reviewer


“The story is fresh and told with speed, the MCs are awesome and I was really curious to get to know them better. Once opened, the book is so fascinating that I couldn’t put it down.” ~ Katerina, a Goodreads reviewer


“There were several ‘ah bless’ moments in this story, and I had a huge smile on my face at the end. Highly recommended.” ~ Bev, a Goodreads reviewer


“I absolutely adored this book!— and caught myself with a smile plastered across my face through most of it while reading. The writing is funny, engaging, the sexual chemistry will have goosebumps fighting for a place on your body, and it kept my attention from start to finish.” ~ K, a Goodreads reviewer


“The story was sweet and at times laugh out loud funny. It’s well-written and paced well, if a bit instalovey on Laurie’s part. Mackenzie and Laurie had amazing chemistry and the sex, omg, the sex was explosive, hot and plentiful. I may need a reread just for the sex alone!! This was an enjoyable read I’d highly recommend!!” ~ Tracy, Bayou Book Junkie


Thanks to everyone who read, and especially everyone who reviewed, regardless of the rating. The fact that people pick my books to read is always an honor. You guys rock the hardest! ♥♥♥

Let me know what you think!

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