Quote-Tastic 12

Quote-Tastic 12

I’m baaaaack. Happy Monday Y’all! It’s that time again! I’m joining Herding Cats & Burning Soup for the Monday meme Quote-Tastic, celebrating our favorite quotes from our favorite books! Here’s one from Damon Suede’s mind-boggling new book, Bad Idea; a story about a writer/artist creating a story. This is the book I’m currently reading. Hope you enjoy:

Bad Idea by Damon Suede

Quote #1: Chomp! He froze as the glossy idea-shark sank its beautiful pearly whites into him. He almost arched with the pleasure, the answer so sharp and true it practically drew blood.

Quote #2: “He’s still pretty rough.” Horny Bastard never felt right without the cheeky stare and those wicked eyes. Funny how a character decides how he’s going to look.

Quote #3: He’d never imagined a world where his art and his heart mingled and smeared together, the possibilities explosive and infinite.

Quote #4: Even junky fantasies had value. Anything could change a life. Art is important, but importance is not.

If you are a writer or an artist, or in any way create, these quotes may resonate with you the way they did with me. (BTW, “Horny Bastard” was just a placeholder name for the character. 😉 )

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