Quote-tastic 2

Happy Monday, kids! We’re back again at the start of a week, which means it’s Quote-tastic time! I’m going to share a couple of quotes from one of the great books I’ve read. This meme is hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup.

Tell Me It’s Real by T.J. Klune

“If you’re responsible enough to become a parent, then you should be responsible enough to accept your kid no matter how they turn out. It doesn’t matter if they’re disabled or gay or not as smart as others or green or black or blue or whatever the hell they turn out to be. You have them, you love them. Always. Being a parent isn’t about getting to pick and choose what you want your kid to be. Being a parent means protecting your kid from anything that could ever harm him. Being a parent means you shelter, but you also make them stronger so one day they can stand on their own.”

That was an amazing quote about tolerance and unconditional love. This was a really funny book, though, so let me share a couple of the funny ones!

“Dad? Do me a favor. Never say ‘get with that’ ever again. You’ve just fried my brain.

My father nodded as if this made complete sense. “You a pony, son?” he asked me.
I tried to keep from screaming. “No, Dad. I’m not a pony.”

“Butthole bitch,” Johnny Depp said.
“You stay out of this,” I warned the bird.

“I’m going to Freddie Prinze Junior you so hard when we get there,” he growled in my ear.
“I don’t think you get the concept yet.”

So there you have it! Leave a comment if you have a quote to share.

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