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Happy Monday Y’all! It’s that time again! I’m joining Herding Cats & Burning Soup for the Monday meme Quote-Tastic, celebrating our favorite quotes from our favorite books! I usually highlight one liners, so I’m going to share a few.

12988016Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

Here are a couple of quotes from my favorite character, Salem, who was quite hilarious:

“I spent the morning as the ceiling in the warlocks’ tent. Found out that the hobbies of Those Best Forgotten include long walks on the beach and sacrificing nymphs on altars. I mean, who’d want to hurt a nymph? That’s like kicking a rainbow in the nuts.”

“He’s kept it in his pants, thereby keeping you safe from a stoning. Hat tip to the vamp on that one—’cause you sure as hell weren’t barring the gates to your lady garden.”

And here’s my favorite quote from the hero:

Trehan said simply, “Greatness resides in you. Power or not, you can become empowered.”

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