Quote-Tastic 5

Quote-Tastic 5

Happy Monday Y’all! It’s that time again! I’m joining Herding Cats & Burning Soup for the Monday meme Quote-Tastic, celebrating our favorite quotes from our favorite books! I’m late to the party today because the baby’s been fussy. Here’s one from one of my favorite authors and kind of my mentor, Larissa Ione. There’s a lesson in here somewhere:

Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance)
by Larissa Ione

Fighting was my life.” He waggled his brows. “The Greek god, Ares, is based on me.”

She rolled her eyes. “That must have been an ego boost.”

“I miss the days of the Greek empire. It was cool being a god.” He sighed. “Then the single-deity religions came along and ruined everything.”

“Gee, I’m so sorry.”

He laughed at her sarcasm. “Makes things simpler for humans, I guess, but they’ve gotten most of it wrong. Today’s population has no idea how much manipulation of facts has taken place over the centuries. Still amazes me that people spend more time researching a new vehicle than they do the religion they entrust their souls to. They should CARFAX their faiths. The history would shock the hell out of people.”

Ione, Larissa . Eternal Rider. Hachette Book Group. Kindle Edition.

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