Quote-tastic 8

Quote-tastic 8

Happy Monday Y’all! It’s that time again! I’m joining Herding Cats & Burning Soup for the Monday meme Quote-Tastic, celebrating our favorite quotes from our favorite books! I don’t often read contemporary erotic romance but I heard so many recommendations for Cherrie Lynn, I devoured this series. Hope you enjoy:

Breathe Me In by Cherrie Lynn

Quote #1:

When a girl like Macy gives you a shot, you step the fuck up. Make her not regret it. Make her dream about it for days, hell, years to come.

Quote #2:

That’s how things usually went—that person you insisted you weren’t looking for and thought you didn’t need ambushed you and turned your world upside down.

Love-love-loved this series and there needs to be more books!

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