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Here’s what MamaJo had to say about Blood in the Valley:

“This series features truly strong women who don’t sit back and wait for their men to fix things for them – for me, this is imperative in a Paranormal Romance  series that has a female protagonist .  You won’t find whiny chits who either want someone to fight their battles or who want to know “why me” with the Vigilati Series.  These heroines roll with the punches, get back up, acknowledge their weaknesses, kick some major butt , and love their men.”

And here’s a little snippet from the interview:

What song makes you happy every time you hear it?

Wow, that’s so hard because I am such a music collector. The first one that comes to mind right now is Gold on the Ceiling by The Black Keys (and I also have a cover by Tab Benoit). Ask me again tomorrow and I may have a different answer.

What movie can you see over and over again without getting sick of it?

Another tough one, because I’m not one to watch movies over and over again. I’d probably have to stick with a classic and say The Princess Bride. Or anything with Robert Downey Jr. in it.

What is the worst fashion trend you ever bought into?

Poofy bangs. Platform shoes. Satin. Patent leather. You name the badness, I tried it.

Do you have any comfort reads?

I’m such a speed reader, I don’t know if I could put it down to particular books. Anything romance, really. Reading in general comforts me. I remember reading Wake Me Up Inside, an m/m paranormal by Cardeno C. while I had really bad morning sickness. That was kind of comforting.

Intrigued? Read the full review and interview here. It was a joy as always to hang out at Mama Kitty Reviews. You can also check out MamaJo’s review of Fire on the Island. Have a great weekend, y’all!

Don’t forget to enter my Super Swag Pack Giveaway!

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