Review: Perfect Match by J.J. Ryan

17456424Title: Perfect Match
Author: J.J. Ryan
Cover Artist: L.C. Chase
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Buy Links: Amazon, Publisher
Genre: m/m contemporary romance
Length: Novel (200 pages)
Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

Review Summary: A book that I probably shouldn’t have liked but, despite some issues, really held my attention.


Seattle trauma doctor Patrick Quinn has never been in love. In fact, he’s never even had a long-term relationship. In his limited personal life, getting a date is only half the problem. Being able to keep it, despite emergency duties in the ER, is the other. So though he’s interested in Trevor Oneil, a man he meets on a dating site, he decides to take it slow.

Trevor moved to Seattle looking for a fresh start. Recently single and lonely in his new city, he works business hours as an anesthesiologist, hoping a better work-life balance will make it easier to meet someone. Patrick might be just what he’s been hoping for.

Then disaster hits and a severely injured Trevor lands in Patrick’s ER. Unable to work on Trevor, Patrick feels helpless. He wanted to ease into a relationship, but he’s already attached. Then Trevor’s past comes rushing in to take him away from the dangers of Seattle. If Trevor and Patrick’s new love is to survive the drama, Patrick will have to own up to what he wants—and fight for it.


I probably shouldn’t have liked this book but I really kind of did. It had a bad case of insta-love, but strangely, that didn’t turn me off. I also usually have trouble getting into books written in first person, because I like getting both MC’s perspectives. This book solved that problem by switching back and forth between Patrick and Daniel.

I enjoyed the way they got together through online dating, and the beginning of the book was presented as a series of emails between the two men. I actually would have liked it if that had gone on a little longer, instead of the insta-love. It was building up some interesting tension.

Once they actually met, the physical relationship, and the feelings between them came on very quickly. The author broke that up a bit by adding in the drama of Trevor getting bashed and nearly dying. Trevor had already told Patrick that he loved him, and seeing Trevor almost die was enough to push Patrick to admit his feelings (although, IMHO, it was too soon for either of them). I also loved the introduction of the leather daddies, it was pretty funny.

Trevor didn’t react to his attack the way a normal person would. He was more pissed off about being bedridden than anything else. Surely anyone beaten within an inch of their life would have some degree of post-traumatic stress, but he basically just got over it. That left me scratching my head a little.

The main problem with this book, besides the insta-love, was the medical inaccuracies. Patrick was an ER doc and Trevor was an anesthesiologist. The author talked about Trevor as if he was basically just a glorified nurse. While I’m not an expert, I have had a couple of surgeries, and my anesthesiologists were all doctors. There are nurse anesthetists but that’s a different position. You still have to go to med school to be an anesthesiologist, so I was a little confused in the beginning. Also, the lack of proper terminology in some places made it a little less believable.

[spoiler title=”view spoiler”]
The last chapter where it cut to eleven years later should have been an epilogue. I disliked the part where the narrator (Patrick in this case) talked about how at one point they almost got divorced. If that wasn’t part of the story, I really don’t think it should have been mentioned. It just kind of put a cloud over the HEA, at least for me. Now, if it had been a part of the main plot, something they went through and then resolved, it would have been an interesting development. I didn’t like the fact that it was just mentioned in Patrick’s internal monologue.

Plus, the reason behind the ‘almost divorce’ was that Trevor wanted a family and Patrick didn’t. Supposedly they saved their marriage by getting a dog. My first reaction was: um, no. As a wife, dog owner/animal lover, and mother, it’s not the same thing. I love all my animals and I love my son, and one doesn’t replace the other.

Despite the issues I mentioned, I really did enjoy this book. If you’re looking for a light, happy read; light on angst with a side of insta-love, this is a good one. Sometimes it’s good to read a book where people are just happy most of the time. Patrick’s parents made Trevor feel like one of the family, even though he was nervous meeting them. After the meeting of the family, they decided to move in together. Of course, they found the perfect house right when they were worried they wouldn’t. And everything worked out in the end.

While there were stumbling blocks, I did devour this book pretty quickly and it left me feeling happy. That’s not something to thumb your nose at! I recommend it if you’re looking for a sweet, slightly saccharine, fun read for a rainy day.

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