Road to Publication, Part 1: In which I find a new direction…

My first novel, FIRE ON THE ISLAND, will release on August 2nd, 2012. How in the world did that happen, you say? Well I’m going to tell you!

Rewind to about ten years ago. I was in school and lived on my own, but had been staying with my parents for a few weeks because I had just gotten out of a long—and not particularly healthy—relationship. I had spent so much of my time and energy on that relationship that once I was on my own again, I had no idea what to do with myself. Hanging with my family, going to school, and reading were my only escapes. I was reading a ton of Nora Roberts books at the time, and she sort of became my hero. One of her books actually gave me an idea of what I wanted to do with my life at the time… And no, it wasn’t writing. Yet.

I had all kinds of ideas about what I would do next: go be a photographer on a cruise ship and travel the world, move to L.A. and try to be an actress, move to New York to do my art. Then I read True Betrayals by Nora Roberts, about a racehorse farm. I’d ridden a lot as a kid and I missed it a lot. It was one of those things that sort of fell by the wayside in the drama of high school. So I asked around, and found a trail ride barn that was willing to hire me and train me as a guide. I worked there for two years, and then at another barn for a year. I met so many great friends at that first barn, forever friends, and I also met my husband. We even got married in the same park where the stable was, so that we could ride away on our horses.

So the moral of Part 1 is: a book can change your life. In more ways than one. Be sure to check out Part 2 to learn how I got my start in writing!

2 thoughts on “Road to Publication, Part 1: In which I find a new direction…”

  • I’m a huge Nora Roberts fan. True Betrayals is a great one too. Congrats on your release date. Enjoy it, you’ll never again look forward to the release of your DEBUT novel. 🙂 It’s a fun place to be in, isn’t it?

  • I trend toward para rom now but I always love a good Nora Roberts book, and I still buy them when they come out. It’s kind of funny to look back at what books, songs, and other things have shaped your life.

    I think I’ll be just as excited to announce my fiftieth novel if I make it that far!

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