So, what’s new?

So, what’s new?

1386006_10101007711989257_1144614388_nThe short answer is, lots of things. The main thing that has been consuming all of my time is, of course, the offspring. Rowan is nearly 9 months old now, and he has been teething. That has been a joy. (Can you hear the sarcasm there?) He’s learning all kinds of new things lately, like sitting up, splashing, and babbling. Still no crawling yet, but he can scoot on his belly just about faster than I can walk. And holy crap, he has a lot of hair! Love it.

On the home front, we’re buying a new house. We close on November 4th! While I absolutely loath moving, I cannot wait to get in this house. We’ll have a bedroom for me and the hubby, and one for the kidlet. Rowan also has a playroom, and we have a guest bedroom. On top of that, a living room, an office, a greatroom with a pool table, a real live laundry room, tons of storage, and a huge deck. It’s gonna be awesome! I’ll miss our little farmhouse, but our family is outgrowing it.

I have to say, while being a stay at home mom (slash author) is the most difficult job, I am so glad I have the opportunity to do it. I know some women choose it—more power to them—and some aren’t able, but I’m just glad I can. I can’t imagine not being with Rowan every day. I’m so lucky that my hubby works so hard to allow me to be a full time mom. Writing is still my passion, and I’m squeezing it in whenever Prince Rowan lets me.

This week, I’ve been on my own while my hubby is out of town. Honestly, I bow down to single moms everywhere, because this shit is hard. Whew! Sunday can’t get her fast enough.


On the writing front… The third book in the Vigilati series is completed and in the submission process. I hope to release it before the end of the year. Right now, it’s being called The Serpent’s Fate. If you read Blood in the Valley, that may mean something to you. It is, of course, Matthieu’s story, and it’s probably closer to my heart than all of them. I’ve gotten great feedback from my beta readers , so I hope you all enjoy it when it comes out.

I am also working on a couple of little side projects. Those of you who know me, or follow my blog, know that on top of my own genre, I am also a avid reader (and reviewer) of LGBT romance, primarily m/m. I’m not going to go into a monologue as to why I like the genre, I’ve explained it before. There will be those who don’t understand, and that’s okay. Anyway, I have a couple of m/m projects in the works. Technically they are both contemporaries, although one is a spin-off with a couple of the characters from Blood in the Valley (Micah & Bex). The other is a completely new story and set of characters. I’m super excited about them!

Sometime next year, you can also look forward to a spin-off (or two, or three) based on the feradux, in which we may figure out what really happened to Brynna.

celticsmallLastly, speaking of m/m romance, in less than 2 weeks, I’m headed off to Atlanta for GRL! I’m soooo excited because this is my first time going. I can’t wait to see all of my friends and have all of the shenanigans. And speaking of that, check out my friend Kade Boehme‘s blog and you’ll see the lovely header I designed for him. Sexy, right?

Anyway, back to GRL. One of the nights there’s a costume party thing, and I’m going in full drag. Yup, I’ve got lady parts so that means I’ll be going as a guy. I’ve got a full on Ralph Lauren suit and it looks so slick. 😉 Can’t wait for all the fun times and pow-wowing with authors I love!

Well, that’s probably enough for now, right? Y’all leave me some comments and let me know if you like this new, more ‘personal’ direction I’m taking with my blog. Thanks!


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