Song Spotlight: Promise by Ben Howard

I only had one word when I heard this song. Wow.
I first heard it, just a tiny bit, on an episode of House. My interest was piqued, so I Shazam’d it. (If you don’t have Shazam, you must get it. It’s changed my life.)
Promise is a more mellow song than I would usually go for, but once you really listen to it, it will haunt you. It starts off with several bars of just the sound of rain. Normally that would annoy me but—like I said—wow.

I can’t even describe to you the emotions that this song will evoke. You just have to listen:

This song is the backdrop to one of the most poignant scenes in my WIP. I haven’t even written it, physically, yet. It’s still in my head. But this song is there with it. Very few songs have made me cry. Very, very few. Here are the lyrics:

And meet me there, with bundles of flowers,
We’ll wade through the hours of cold
Winter she’ll howl at the walls,
Tearing down doors of time.
Shelter as we go…
And promise me this:
You’ll wait for me only,
Scared of the lonely arms
That surface, far below these birds
And maybe, just maybe I’ll come home
Who am I, darling to you?
Who am I,To tell you stories of mine
Who am I?
Who am I, darling for you?
Who am I
To be your burden in time, lonely
Who am I, to you?
Who am I, darling for you?
Who am I To be your burden
Who am I, darling to you?
Who am I?
I come alone here
I come alone here

Freaking goosebumps. I hope y’all find a new love today. Until next time.

Let me know what you think!

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