STRAY: Chapter Eleven

STRAY: Chapter Eleven

STRAY: Chapter Eleven

by J.K. Hogan

Sebastian had felt it, the exact moment the spell was broken. The tension that had been ever present throughout his body while his consciousness remained tethered to his Felis form instantly dissolved. It happened the very second Noah asked Basti to stay with him. Yet Sebastian wasn’t sure how soon after the spell had broken that he would be able to shift. He also didn’t want to terrify Noah, so he remained a cat and had planned to stay that way until he could figure out how to introduce Noah to himself as a man.

He could no longer deny that was his true intention. Noah had broken the spell; it was clear he was special and was meant to be a part of Sebastian’s life. He would become a Prisna—the word having its roots in archaic Croatian, meaning “intimate”—one of the few humans the Feliscindae trusted with their secrets. But Sebastian had to figure out a way to break the news without sending Noah running.

After he’d fallen asleep curled in Noah’s bed, Sebastian had been dreaming about walking on two legs again, of dancing. Maybe with Noah someday. He was ripped from sleep as he was grabbed roughly by his scruff and thrown against the wall across the room. When his head hit the corner of the dresser on the way down, all went dark.

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