STRAY: Chapter FIve

STRAY: Chapter FIve

STRAY: Chapter Five

by J.K. Hogan

Years later, Sebastian still remembered that boy. Of course, years were like drops in the ocean for his kind. He’d often strolled down that street during his patrols of the city, but he never caught sight of the kid again. The house fell into disrepair, and eventually the whole block of row houses was torn down.

This night, Sebastian was hosting a conclave of the Sentinel at Club Sanctuary. A few of the envoys were less than happy with the venue, but he couldn’t have cared less if he were a corpse. They convened in a banquet room in the back, adjacent to the suite that had been converted to a homeless shelter. Envoys turned up their noses in distaste.

Cyprian was the only envoy present from Sebastian’s inaugural meeting. Around the table, there were unfamiliar faces with familiar hard expressions. The last year had been a dark time. They’d lost too many humans, and the Sentinel was losing ground.

The Vampire wore all black—a black turtleneck that molded to his slender form, black jeans, black boots. Beyond that, he could have been any twenty-something twink with a melanin deficiency. This time Cyprian held court at the head of the table, even though it was Sebastian’s territory. It was a clear statement that Sebastian did not misunderstand.

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