STRAY: Chapter Nine

STRAY: Chapter Nine

STRAY: Chapter Nine

by J.K. Hogan

When Sebastian had let himself into his flat through the humiliating pet door, he’d paced aimlessly for hours, wondering how the hell he was supposed to get a human to take him in as a stray cat—these days, a creature more despised than even rats. Finally he’d curled up into a furry ball of exhaustion and woke at dawn the next day. The first thing that popped into his mind was Noah.

Sebastian had already interacted with Noah in his Felis form, and even though he’d wiped the guy’s memory of seeing him at Sanctuary, Noah would remember the big white cat. Since he knew that Noah went to the Bazaar every Tuesday, Sebastian had followed him, and gotten a meal out of the deal.

He’d always thought that getting involved with a human in any way was a dangerous game of chicken, so he didn’t quite understand what Nikhil was trying to do by forcing it. Sebastian supposed that Feliscindae had to get close to humans long enough to mate but every single time, it was a risk. Of exposure. Of labs and experiments. Of extermination. The classic Frankenstein Effect.

A shudder rippled through Sebastian’s body, starting at his whiskers and ending with a rattle of his plume-like tail.

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