STRAY: Chapter Seven

STRAY: Chapter Seven

STRAY: Chapter Seven

by J.K. Hogan

Sebastian was patrolling the west end of Beltrane with a newly-minted Sentinel named Pace, a young Psi born in a hollow northeast of Roth City, deep in the Rothkian Moutains. Sebastian was training the boy himself, because he was worried about him. He was smart as a whip and hadn’t an ounce of fear in his body, but he was soft-hearted, so Sebastian wasn’t sure he’d be able to do what was needed in order to protect the humans.

So far, they hadn’t come across any threats from Supernatural beings—just human on human violence. Only a few days before, Pace had stumbled upon a man attempting to rape a woman behind a dumpster in Shackle Alley. Sebastian had allowed his young charge to flex his metaphorical muscles, to practice using his power to stop the attack. A Psi—slang for Psychic Vampire—drained energy from his victims rather than blood. Their essence. Their life force.

Pace placed his hand on the back of the attacker’s skull—the man still had his pants around his ankles, which had allowed them to overtake him quickly—and began syphoning energy. The psi was strong, Sebastian would give him that, because the attacker dropped to his knees on the wet blacktop in record time. The woman, his intended victim, was half naked, shivering in the corner between the chipped brick wall of the butcher shop and the rusted metal dumpster.

“It’s all right,” Sebastian murmured in what he hoped was a soothing tone. He reached out for her hand. “You’re all right now.”

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