STRAY: Chapter Three

STRAY: Chapter Three

STRAY: Chapter Three

by J.K. Hogan

It was Sebastian’s first night out since he’d been consigned to the Sentinel. He wasn’t changing his routine much. He was just going for a little nighttime stroll around the blocks that surrounded the club, then he’d spend some time at Sanctuary before having another walk around. It all seemed so innocuous, so unnecessary, but according to Cyprian and his lot, that was what it took to form a wall of protection around the humans.

Since he was meant to be seen, to be known, as the Beltrane envoy, Sebastian did things a little differently when he readied himself to go out. He usually strove to be inconspicuous, especially since his looks were rather noticeable on a good day. He would often tie his hair back or wear a hood, and would wear jejune clothing like hoodies and baggy jeans. But this night, he was going as Sebastian the Lucent, Feliscindae Prince of the Northern Territories and envoy of the Midnight Sentinel. It was a mouthful, to be sure, and Cyprian had insisted that he needed to look the part.

In order to do so, Sebastian took great pains to enhance the features that made him…Sebastian. Whilst looking in the mirror, he lined his eyes heavily, though his lashes and the rims of his lids were already inky black from his Felis genes. He changed out the black titanium rings in his ears for gold ones. He meticulously brushed out his long hair so that it hung around his shoulders like a curtain, and he plaited a couple of braids that wove through the loose locks.

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