STRAY: Chapter Twelve

STRAY: Chapter Twelve
STRAY: Chapter Twelve

by J.K. Hogan

Sebastian looked so haggard Noah almost felt bad for him. Almost. Then he reminded himself that this stranger had been in his house, inside his room, and still hadn’t offered a plausible explanation.

However, that wasn’t to say that Noah entirely disbelieved him.

When he looked into Sebastian’s eyes, he saw Basti. He knew those eyes. The cat had been his confidante and friend off and on for years, and for some reason, finding out that it had really been some sort of guardian angel following him around and keeping him safe hadn’t shocked him as much as it should. And when he’d seen Sebastian the man, so many memories came flooding back, all the times they’d met before. Why had his mind blocked images of man but not cat? Unless…

“Did you do something to me? Why am I only now remembering having met you before? Tell me you didn’t mess with my mind.”

Sebastian’s gaze shifted away from Noah’s face.


“It’s a biological defense mechanism, Noah. We can’t have humans knowing about us. We’d be dissected, or worse, exterminated. And there are certain species… Let’s just say some would enjoy a convenient excuse to declare war on humans. This peace is a tremulous one.”

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