STRAY: Chapter Two

STRAY: Chapter Two

I’m releasing Chapter Two early since Chapter One was already public on Patreon. Enjoy! And please feel free to discuss/comment!


STRAY: Chapter Two

by J.K. Hogan

Sebastian strode into his family home deep in the Rothkian Mountains, his body vibrating with rage at the audacity of being summoned like a common servant. He was still in his mediforma—in his human skin, while still possessing his Felis ears and tail—like most of Feliscindae courtiers who lounged around the great hall of the Locke Family mansion.

As he stalked over the ornate carpets that covered the floor of the hall, Sebastian glared at his father. Arliss Locke lounged in an elegant sprawl over the heavy brocade armchair he fancied as his throne. He had one booted leg draped over the armrest, while gently petted a Court servant with his opposite hand. When his lazy-lidded gaze landed on Sebastian, he smiled, but on his scarred face with his sharp, scruffy jaw, it looked more like a sneer. Hell, it probably was. Though they pretended well, there was no love lost between Sebastian and Arliss.

“Ah, Basti. Good of you to join us.” Arliss motioned for Sebastian to approach the velvet draped dais upon which his “throne” sat.

Sebastian ground his teeth upon hearing the diminutive nickname. “I was summoned,” he answered through a clenched jaw.

Arliss being the Provost of the Northern Territories Feliscindae colony technically made the Locke family royalty among their people, but Sebastian had always thought it ridiculous to put on such airs when the rest of the world didn’t even know they existed. Arliss straightened in his seat, acting like every inch the king he considered himself to be. He flicked a hand at the servants, sending them scattering without so much as a word. The courtiers followed suit with much more grace, but they scurried nonetheless.

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