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In which there will probably be sleep deprived rambling….

Good early morning/middle of the night, darlings! Those of you who know me, or have been following me for awhile, may know that I am a fairly incurable insomniac. I’ve tried supplements, all of which either fail, work for a time and then fail, or […]

Song Spotlight: Promise by Ben Howard

I only had one word when I heard this song. Wow. I first heard it, just a tiny bit, on an episode of House. My interest was piqued, so I Shazam’d it. (If you don’t have Shazam, you must get it. It’s changed my life.) […]

Fire On The Island Soundtrack: in which good times are had by all…

Hello, precious darlings! As you may have read in my bio, many of my scenes are often inspired by particular songs or music ‘moods’, so by the time I finish a novel, I usually have a nice soundtrack playlist made up. Though taking place in […]