The Book Pushers Review Blood in the Valley

Ericka from The Book Pushers gave Blood in the Valley a B+. Here’s what she thought:

“The world that Hogan has created is fascinating. I liked the inclusion of magic, shape-shifters, ancient languages, and studious professors who were not afraid to get dirty. Hogan’s female characters also added a lot of depth and strength to the story and therefore increased my enjoyment.”

And then…

“Hogan has writing a very satisfying second book in the Vigilati series and created a world that captivated me. I found myself resenting every interruption while I was reading because I wanted to see what was going to happen next, with the romantic developments, the archaeological dig, and the paranormal aspects. Hogan struck a wonderful balance between the different elements that satisfied both my romance reader and my paranormal/fantasy reader.”

Oh, and this:

“[Drew] had some unexpected depths that reminded me a bit of Indiana Jones.”

Oh, Professor.

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