The Book Tart reviews Blood in the Valley


The next stop on the tour is one of my favorite book blogs, The Book Tart. Kat reviewed Fire on the Island last year so of course I wanted her take on Blood in the Valley. You can read the review of Fire on the Island here. I also popped in for an interview back then.

Here’s what Kat had to say about Blood in the Valley:

The chemistry between the two is hot and burns off the pages …as does the heart. I loved seeing them let down their guards and open up. Raven is so wary of trusting anyone and it’s a stretch for her to work with Drew. He helps unravel the mystery of who Raven is and unravel the knots around Raven’s heart. *sigh* I so loved how he treated her and that he saw HER. She didn’t need to put on an act, she could be her damaged, wounded, feisty self. They both have to learn trust because he has pretty big baggage himself. Watching their relationship deepen was beautiful.

I was delighted to revisit with characters from the first adventure! Isla, Jeremiah, Marduk and Brynna are all involved in the fight against the demons with Raven and Drew. Speaking of fights, those scenes read like watching a movie! They were very visual. I also love the snark and pop culture references. This story made me laugh as well as sigh…. I want more!

Click here to read the rest of the review. I’ll also be stopping by again on May 15th for another quick interview. I’m also squeeing because Kat has agreed to be my beta reader for the third book in the series!! I’m so excited about that because I needed to find someone I trust who is familiar with the series. Stay tuned for more stops on the tour!

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