The first review is here!

The first review of Blood in the Valley is in!

Courtesy of Lizzy’s Dark Fiction:

“I liked Raven from the very beginning.  I enjoyed reading about how she thrived with such a difficult childhood, becoming almost too comfortable in the life of a con-artist and thief.  Her faults are what make her so strong and I really appreciated how real a person she felt when she started to crumble mentally at the first sign of someone genuinely caring for her welfare.”

I love when someone just gets it.
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Lizzy's Dark Fiction
Thanks to Lizzy again for the review.

Reviews can be terrifying, but they’re also fun and can be very helpful for growth as a writer. My heart stops just before I read every review, but they are a necessary and important part of the process. Stay tuned for updates on the rest of the tour!

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