The Gift

 Holiday Flash Fiction Blog Hop

The Gift by J.K. Hogan

The Gift (Frost, #0.5)


Hey all! As most of you know, I don’t really do shorts, but I had a couple of readers suggest that I participate in this link-up for a holiday flash fiction story, so I decided to give it a whirl. Thanks Kimberly and Kelly for the suggestion. So I’ve had an idea of a new book (or series, not sure) bouncing around in my head, and when I looked at this prompt, a scene came to my head. **the novel is not written yet** This scene is all I have so it was written exclusively for this Blog Hop, but I will be expanding it into a novel when I finish my current project.

My scene (sorry, it’s just a weensy bit over the suggested word count!) is the event that leads up to this picture, and the moment pictured here is what *could* happen right after my scene ends. Y’all know I had to tease you a bit! So here were the rules of the prompt:

All stories must be inspired by the photo.

All stories must include in the text:

*A winter holiday theme,
*A “bad boy” character, and
*A gift of some kind (author’s choice).

We’re asking that it fit under the umbrella of LGBT Romance, so if you want to write about any two characters on the gender and/or sexuality spectrums, go for it. Anything goes as far as genre too, so scifi, mystery, paranormal, contemporary, etc. is fine, just make sure it’s a romance first and foremost.

That’s it! Below is the picture prompt we were given. Click on either it or the story’s cover to download the pdf!

Pic Frost2