Today on Tour: Amanda C. Stone and MM Good Book Reviews

Today on Tour: Amanda C. Stone and MM Good Book Reviews
Guest post at Amanda C. Stone’s Blog

This morning I have an extra special treat for you. The completely wonderful J.K. Hogan wrote something epic, just for your reading pleasure, and you can only find here. She wrote a book cross over! It’s a little scene where Rory and Bennett from her latest story, Unbreak Broken, meet Titus and Charlie from Shadows Fall. I have to say it’s so totally amazing. After you read the scene that has me doing a happy flail, read all about Unbreak Broken and an excerpt you don’t want to miss. At the very bottom, enter for a chance to win a copy of the book.

Rory raised his face to the sun as Bennett piloted the little Grady White into what they’d started thinking of as ‘their cove.’ However, with two teenagers sunning themselves at the bow, they wouldn’t be getting up to their usual shenanigans in the cove. Pity, Rory thought, as he eyed the flexing muscles in Bennett’s tanned forearms as he turned the wheel.

There weren’t many other boats out, so Bennett picked a spot and cut the engine. Instead of dropping anchor, they decided to just drift with the wind. Even though Rory still didn’t have the best sea legs, he tried to do his part without falling in. Carefully, he started to unpack the contents of the cooler they’d packed for lunch.

“Dad!” Addison’s voice startled Rory into dropping a soda can onto the deck. He picked it up as Bennett checked on the kids.

“What’s wrong, Addy?”

“I think there’s something wrong with that boat over there.”

Bennett edged around the cabin to get to the bow, and Rory followed. Sure enough, there was a small fishing boat floating off their starboard. When he concentrated, Rory could hear the sound of the motor turning over, then clicking as it went dead. They also picked up distinctly angry voices drifting over the flat water. More…

Read the rest of the scene at Amanda C. Stone’s Blog

Guest post and review at MM Good Book Reviews

5 hearts from MM Good Book Reviews: 

I was completely blown away by this book! I absolutely loved it! And you know what? I haven’t even read the first two books – though you can be damn sure that I want to now!!! I think I’ve used up my exclamation marks quota, but to paraphrase singer/song writer Nick Cave: I use three exclamation marks because it’s awesome.

….This is one of those books that I would give a blanket recommendation. If you like your romance with: sweetness, angsty/emotive kids, a character on a journey of self discovery, wonderful BFF’s, HEAs – there is even a sprinkling of illness and danger, I think it’s safe to say you’ll get a lot of enjoyment out of this one. More…

Read the full review and Q&A at MM Good Book Reviews

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