Today on Tour: Inked Rainbow Reads and Fangirl Moments & My Two Cents

Today on Tour: Inked Rainbow Reads and Fangirl Moments & My Two Cents
Reviews from Inked Rainbow Reads

5 Star Review: What a wonderful story!  Drowning in a failed marriage, Rory turns to his therapist to help him understand himself and his sexual hang-ups. Rory also teaches high school photography and life keeps throwing him together with the father of one of his students. More…

4 Star Review: I think Rory and Bennett were very good together. They work through a lot of what Rory is going through trying to figure out why he feels the way he does together. Something bad happens to Rory in this book and Bennett was there for them taking care of him the whole time. So all together I really liked this book! I would definitely recommend this book! More…

4.5 Star Review: This series just keeps getting better and better. In this story the author shows how Rory was able to overcome many issues, from childhood trauma to suddenly realizing he was gay. He was able to overcome it all and he was able to start a new relationship. I love the interactions between Rory and Bennett and loved how the author was able to bring Bennett’s daughter and best friend into the story. More…

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Guest post at Fangirl Moments and My Two Cents

List the first five things you would do if you suddenly had millions of dollars.

These are probably entirely too practical to be interesting, but I’ll give it a go anyway.

  1. Pay off our house & car or anything we still have a loan on.
  2. Set aside enough for our two kids to have a full ride to college.
  3. Plan a big vacation for the four of us (and the grandparents too, depending on where we go) More…

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