Today on Tour: My Fiction Nook and Three Books Over the Rainbow

Today on Tour: My Fiction Nook and Three Books Over the Rainbow
Review and guest post at My Fiction Nook

Sandra’s Review:

Well, damn. I cried. Not just once.

In this 3rd installment of the Coming Aboutseries, we find out about Rory’s story. Rory, who’s steady and reliable, and kind of tends to fade into the background, even as big as he is, because nobody really sees behind his mask of jolliness, and nobody knows, not even Rory, what’s making him so sad and feel so lonely.

I’d never heard of skin hunger, but then I googled that, and OMG. Cue the tears. To think that Rory craves touch, needs it like he needs food and water, but can’t get it because he can’t meet the expectations behind his wife’s touches, was simply heartbreaking.

Rory, a photography teacher at a private school, is in therapy because his young marriage is failing miserably. He doesn’t like sex, and his wife is demanding it. He can’t perform in bed, doesn’t get anything out of it, and he wants to get help to make it all better. Because that is the kind of person Rory is – he’s there for others and doesn’t ask for much himself.

While in therapy, the childhood trauma hinted at in the blurb comes to light.

Yep, cue the tears #2.

Stunned at having forgotten this horrific experience, Rory doesn’t know how to deal, until his therapist makes a suggestion – stop all sexual activities, and find out what works for you. More…

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Review and guest post at Three Books Over the Rainbow

Every book in this series is so good, but with each one, they gain a certain depth, that makes addictive reading.
It’s hard to choose which book is my favourite, but I have to say this book is really wonderful.
We met Rory in Book 1.   He seemed a very easygoing and positive character, a big guy who is also very strong and I knew he would deliver some surprises.
The story starts with Rory’s wedding, but now, only after a few months, his marriage has problems and is failing.
Even if he does loves his wife Maia, he is not interested in the physical part of the relationship, and this cause a lot of problems.
During psychotherapy he remembered a childhood trauma which maybe is the cause of his actual problems?
In the meantime he has developed an attraction for the Harbour Patrol Officer, Bennet Foster, an even bigger guy than himself. We all know that everything begins with a friendship – Bennett Foster understands Rory like nobody else ever has and the feelings soon develop into something much more, something much deeper and Rory starts to question his own life.
He understand that to be happy, he has to follow his heart, despite his family and social conventions. More…

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