**Unbreak Broken News**

**Unbreak Broken News**

Hey everybody! I’ve got a couple of announcements about the release of Unbreak Broken. First, the release tour kicks off tomorrow, and I wanted to let you know that I’m going to do my best to post updates here with all the links to the various posts. Each will have a different author interview/character interview/or guest post. I say “do my best” because I’ll be doing a lot of prep to get ready for GRL in less than a month. I hope you all will be there!

***Here’s the important one***

As a few ARC reviews have started pouring in, I am hearing a lot of people mentioning they wished there had been an epilogue. Don’t worry, I had prepared for this! My main reason for ending the story where I did was that it was the end of the main plot arc. Without giving you spoilers, I’ll say that there are probably a few characters you’ll still be wondering about, and I didn’t add an epilogue with the book because I knew that in a realistic story, it could take a long time–years even–for these side story lines to work themselves out. An epilogue would have felt rushed to me. So….here’s what I’m doing. After the end of the release tour (and GRL because so much to do!), I’ll be putting up a free follow-up short available on my website. This will be a little longer than a standard epilogue so hopefully it will satisfy everyone’s curiosity!

At this moment, I’m only planning it for Unbreak Broken, but if I find a clearing in my schedule, I may even do one for the previous books. Or would you guys rather see a full-length follow-up volume in the series? I’m open for suggestions! Anyway, I’ll social-media the hell out of the Unbreak Broken short when I’m ready to post it, so don’t worry about missing it!

Last, but not least:

You’ll see in my post on Prism Book Alliance, coming out on release day tomorrow, that I’ve introduced a sort of informal contest. The title for Unbreak Broken was inspired by a song lyric, from one of the songs in my UB Playlist. I’m offering a special secret prize for the first person who can tell me which song! The best way to do it is over email, so pop over to my contact page and email me your guesses!

That’s it for now. Have a great week everyone!

Let me know what you think!

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