Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Projects

I know I haven’t updated y’all lately, and that’s because there’s SO much going on, who has the time? We just moved into our new house, and my lovely hubby decided he wanted to host Thanksgiving dinner for 9! O_O We somehow managed to pull it off, and then were catapulted into Christmas preparations. The kiddo also turns one at the beginning of January, so we have to plan something for him. AND I’m having computer troubles, so staying on top of the blogging has been…well, not happening.

I hope you’ll forgive me after you’ve heard what I’ve been up to. I don’t yet have a prospective release date for Vigilati, Book 3, but it is in the works! Since I’m self-publishing the series now, it’s a lot of work for little ole me. I can tell you the title now, though. It will be called The Serpent’s Fate. If you’ve read book 2, you should know the significance of that. If you haven’t, get on that! It features the super dark and tortured Matthieu, and his mystery lady love. You know you want it! I’m almost finished with the cover, so I hope to plan a reveal soon!


73393_433075933454147_984904753_nMy next announcement is a new venture that I’m so stoked about! You may know that on top of mainstream romance, I enjoy reading and reviewing LGBT romance. My husband and I are very outspoken and active for gay rights in our little corner of the world, so these books are very near and dear to my heart—so much so that I even went to the GayRomLit retreat this year. It was very fun, and I fangirled hard.

After we visited Seattle for our friends’ wedding, I came home with a plot bunny and it turned into my new m/m story, I Survived Seattle. I am so excited to announce that it will be published by Wilde City Press, a company owned by the amazing Ethan Day and the fabulous Geoffrey Knight! If you don’t know them, you’re missing out. Pop over to Wilde City’s website and check out their roster. They have some superstars on there and I’m proud to be in their company!

I’ll have more info for you as it develops! Have a great holiday!

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