Update on Me

Update on Me

So, you might be asking yourself (but, let’s be honest, probably not) “Where has J.K. been?” Well, I’ll tell you. Hubby, Sonny Boy, and I have bought a new house. Just before we closed, I was struck down by a horrible, evil death plague. I have no idea where I got it from, but I blame the kid’s consignment store I went to. God knows how many germs you can find there. My sore throat was so bad, I told hubby I’d rather go through childbirth again (before the epidural!). That lasted about a week, and it triggered my allergies, so I’m still not feeling great.

And then we moved from our little farm house on 5 acres in the country, to a house over twice the size, in a quiet neighborhood. We used to have horses, but found nice new homes for them after I got pregnant, because we knew they wouldn’t be getting the attention they needed for a long time. So we didn’t need all that land anymore. We packed up the kiddo, the dogs, the cat, and all of our crap, and moved from here:


To here:

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I am totally opposed to subdivision/housing development lifestyle. I’m too claustrophobic and introverted for that. But the new neighborhood is a nice compromise. Somehow, in our big new house, we’ve managed to fill it up with our junk, even though we lived in a small house before. As we unpack, we’ll be doing a lot of purging, for sure.

IMG_6021Basically as soon as we moved, the baby bear got the death plague a.k.a. his very first cold. So we haven’t left the house in a week, and we’re going stir crazy! It’s the worst thing in the world to see your kid sick and not being able to do anything about it. I’ve been told you pretty much just treat the symptoms and wait it out. I’ve done good, but it’s been days, so he’s going to the doctor on Monday. I want my happy baby back! (Yes, he’s wearing pink trim. We don’t turn up our noses at hand-me-downs!)

He’s learned a hilarious new trick. When I sing to him, just la-la-las, no words, he mimics me and does this out of tune little baby singing. It’s the cutest thing ever, I’m sure of it.

I’ve still been doing fun bookish things while we’ve been unpacking and tending to the kiddo. The first book I read in the new house was More Than Everything by Cardeno C. which was friggin’ amazing, of course. Hands down the best “triad” book I’ve read. Then, I reviewed Brandon Shire’s Heart of Timber for Jessewave. I’ve been on hiatus as a reviewer because of Kiddo’s increasing needs, but I plan to return for any books in series that I’ve reviewed. I also helped my friend Carter Quinn migrate and revive his website. Lastly, I’m nearly finished with my WIP, my first LGBT romance. I’ve got about 2 chapters to go, and then it will enter the beta phase (dun dun duuuum).

I had too much going on to participate in NaNoWriMo, but my NaNo goal was to finish up my WIP, get it beta’d, and subbed (or at least ready to) by the end of November. So far, I’m pretty on track! Well, that’s it for the update. I’ll post more house pics once we’re more unpacked. The kiddo’s asleep, so I’ve got writing to do!

Let me know what you think!

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