Who wants a blurb?

Who wants a blurb?

Okay, folks, I know I’ve been quiet lately, but that’s because I’ve been writing my a– off and doing covers at the same time. The most recent cover I’ve done is To Touch You by Cardeno C. which you can pre-order by clicking here, and you most certainly should do so. šŸ˜€ Ā  I had the privilege to read it early so I could get a feel for the mood to design the cover, and I can tell you it’s fantastic.

Another resent cover is a PNR called Tribe by Maria Harbor. Can’t share that one yet, but definitely keep your eye out, because I’m super excited about it.

On to me! LOL I haven’t released anything for almost a year, primarily because it was my son’s first year of life, and intimacy isĀ really hard on writing. Also, as you may have read in my previous post, my former publisher, Wilde City Press, is closing it’s doors so I’ve also been busy republishing my old titles under my self-publishing label. So, I hope to get three new titles out to you in the next few months. Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Ā A new adult, coming-of-age/coming out story about two high school best friends who learn some new things about themselves and their relationship when they go off to college. It’s called The Perfect Shine.Ā I do not have a ballpark release date for this one as yet, because it’s with a potential new publisher currently.
  2. The fourth (and probably final) book in my Coming About Series, that steps a little outside the Seattle area where the series takes place, and jumps to the Cascade mountain range for an action-adventureĀ Romancing the Stone kind of romance. It’s calledĀ Force of Nature. My goal for this book is July but it will all depend on how fast I finish these last two chapters. LOL
  3. Last, but actually first isĀ Boys Don’t Cry, a fun, tropey romance that’s a bit on the fluffy side for me. It’s not without angst completely — it’s just that my other work is so dark and/or emotional in comparison. lol. My goal for this story is mid-May, end of May at the latest. I’ll have a release date once we get through the first round of edits. So on that note, here is the (as yet unedited) blurb forĀ Boys Don’t Cry:
Boys Don’t Cry

Mackenzie Pratt is having the worst luck of his life. His apartment building is being torn down, and since heā€™s jobless and just weeks away from graduating college, he canā€™t find anywhere else he can afford to live that isnā€™t a critter-infested dump. As heā€™s lamenting the very real possibility of job hunting while couch-surfing, he gets an offer from the coworker of his best friend.

An in-demand mobile app developer and heir to his parentsā€™ fortune, Laurent Beaudry is literally an eccentric billionaire. Even though Mackenzie realizes heā€™s basically living the plot of a cheesy romance novel, he takes the proffered room in Laurentā€™s Baltimore mansion. He finds hisĀ new housemate to be grumpy, brooding, and, at times, incredibly kind and endearing.

Raised by his brother after their fatherā€™s death, Mackenzie spent his formative years plowing headlong through school, focusing on little else beyond earning his teaching certification. Heā€™s never taken the time to explore love and relationships, much less sexuality, so when he finds himself being courted by another man, he has no idea what to do. And when he realizes he might actually return those feelings, his life takes a whole new direction.

I’ve also got a venture I’m working on for a possible online series, possibly working with an artist to illustrate it, which is something I will likely do for Patreon if I feel like there’s enough interest. We’ll see. I’m just happy to be getting out some new stuff for you guys! See you soon!

Let me know what you think!

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