WIP Wednesday 3

Today I’m going to share a snippet of a new project I’m working on. A couple of the characters from Blood in the Valley are going to get their own book! And it’s not the ones you’re probably thinking!

Disclaimer: These lines are from an unedited, unrevised manuscript and
may not appear in their entirety in the final product.

Here we go! Y’all ready?

           The job had brought him back to his home state of North Carolina, and way too damn close to his backwater home town. The dig was in Blowing Rock, near Boone, the town Bex’s parents liked to pretend they were from. In reality, John Jr. grew up on a ramshackle farm out past the Nantahala Outpost.
           Bex’s daddy had worked the Outpost, and various other odd jobs to “pull himself up by his boot-straps” and pay for college. He studied hard and stayed out of trouble—ended up getting a scholarship. He went pre-med at Harvard, med school at Duke, residency at Hopkins…twenty years later he was an esteemed plastic surgeon and no one was the wiser about his humble beginnings.
           John Jr. wanted everyone to believe that the Marshalls were old southern money when, in reality, they were as nouveau riche as it got. There was never any talk of raising cattle or milking goats with Granddaddy Marshall. After his residency, John married Annabelle McColl, a young debutante from a wealthy family of lawyers, and they had two seemingly perfect children—John Becksford Marshall, III, and Isabella McColl Marshall.
           Bella had married a doctor, as was expected, and became the perfect trophy—read, stepford—wife. Bex, however, had disappointed them all.

Hope you enjoy!

Let me know what you think!

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