WIP Wednesday 5

WIP Wednesday 5

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. We took a family trip to the beach (my 6mo. old’s first), and immediately after, my hubby’s aunt came to stay with us. So the blogging has fallen by the wayside. Never fear! I have a new excerpt from Vigilati Book 3 for you. I’m doing revisions to get it ready for my beta readers, and I couldn’t not share this bit. I love these crazy kids. (PS, if it seems like there are a lot of “she’s”, it’s because I’m not disclosing the herione’s name just yet)

Disclaimer: These lines are from an unedited, unrevised manuscript and
may not appear in their entirety in the final product.

Here we go! Y’all ready?

As she entered the living room through the back door, she had to bite back her shock as two things became abundantly clear. Matthieu was a consummate professional—and he was going to New York loaded for bear.

An array of equipment was laid out on the large square coffee table, some she recognized and some she didn’t. Matthieu sat on the couch sorting and he hadn’t looked up when she came in, so she knelt down on the floor across the table from him.

“Whatcha doin?” she asked in a singsong voice. He flicked his eyes briefly to her face and raised a brow at her.

“Packing.” He nodded at the pile on the table. She recognized several cameras and what looked to be digital recording devices. The rest of the gadgets were unfamiliar to her.

“So what’ve we got?”

“Three remote controlled digital video cameras, one thermal imaging device, several mobile listening devices, motion detectors, various lock-picking tools.”

“Oh.” Her eyes swept past the hardware to the arsenal and noted there were quite a few semi-automatic handguns, a double barreled pump action shotgun, and a long range rifle complete with a scope and a laser sight. “Um…are we doing surveillance or storming the Bastille?”

She thought she saw a faint twitch of his full lips but it was gone so fast, she could have easily imagined it. “It depends on what when find when we get there…”

And this one from the same scene:

He pushed one of the firearms towards her—a sleek, compact piece of hardware. “This is a Glock 19, a semi-auto compact 9mm. Should be easy enough to handle.”

She reached for the unloaded weapon, but paused with her hand hovering over it. “Have you used this one to…you know—”

“Kill someone?”

She nodded, ashamed at the need to ask. She’d been controlling her visions from objects for some time now, and they rarely got through without her allowing them. But she didn’t want to take the chance if the gun had a violent past—especially given the way her ability seemed to go haywire around Matthieu.

“Not that one, no.” When he offered no further explanation, she picked up the gun. He patiently walked her through loading and clearing, racking, field-stripping, and cleaning. “Unfortunately, there isn’t time for you to practice. I have a couple of rules for you, though.”

Unable to help herself, she rolled her eyes. “Shocker.”

He narrowed his eyes at her, but she saw that ghost of a lip twitch again. Just turning into a big teddy bear, aren’t ya? she thought.

“First, always assume it’s loaded, even if you cleared it yourself. Second,” he used his index finger to push the barrel of the gun down towards the floor, “don’t point it at anything you aren’t prepared to shoot.”

“Sorry,” she mumbled.

“Dead people can’t be sorry.”

“Thanks for that, Mr. Sunshine.”

Sigh…these two might be my favorite couple so far. Hope you enjoyed! See ya next Wednesday!

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