WIP Wednesday

I’m trying a new Wednesday meme called WIP Wednesday. I’m going to randomly pick a page from my WIP (in this case, Book 3 of the Vigilati Series) by scrolling on my kindle. I’ll find a few lines to share from that page.

Disclaimer: These lines are from an unedited, unrevised manuscript and may not appear in their entirety in the final product.

Walking barefoot out onto the sagging back porch, she surveyed the landscape of the hidden bayou. Bayou Trépas, Matthieu had called it. He said few people knew about the secret canal because it was so hard to reach by boat. When the tide was low, fishermen were lucky to even be able to reach it by pirogue—a lightweight, flat bottom canoe-type boat.

Attached to the porch, in a rather precarious position, was a long pier that extended out into the black water. Tied to the dock was a houseboat that appeared to be in a similar condition to the shack behind her. She wondered if the inside of the boat matched that of the house. Regardless, the tub was aptly named The Crooked Ace.

Lashed to the other side of the dock was a pirogue that had seen better days—Double Down was painted in crude lettering on the back end.

As she descended toward the dock, she studiously ignored the flashes of the past that tried to push their way into her brain through the contact of her bare feet with the weathered wood of the pier. She’d long since learned to block out the more latent visions—it was the strong ones that pushed through, like Matthieu’s.

So there you have it. Check back next Wednesday for another taste!

Let me know what you think!

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